Mine Old School RS gold
with your GPU

0.00 M/day

No registration needed. Request payout in-game anytime

Idle Gold desktop miner application

How It Works

Idle Gold supports all Nvidia and AMD graphics cards with at least 5 GB VRAM.


Install Idle Gold and start mining

Download and install the app. When it launches, click "Start mining". You can close the window to your tray and it will continue mining.


Watch your balance grow

Gold is randomly awarded every few seconds or minutes, just like mining in Old School RS. The profit graph is updated every 10 minutes.

Idle Gold hourly profit graph

Request a payout to your OSRS character

Claim your balance by arranging an in-game trade with Idle Gold staff. You may request payouts as often as you wish, and they are processed within 24 hours (but usually only a few minutes).

Idle Gold OSRS trade window

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Idle Gold fund payouts?

Idle Gold mines gold using a cryptocurrency mining program to fund your gold payouts. It uses the power of your GPU to solve proof-of-work tasks that validate transactions on cryptocurrency networks, allowing people to trade securely.

We charge a payout fee and pass OSRS gold to you when you request a payout. Your mining luck over the day can fluctuate, as well as the market value of mining over the month, which you can monitor in the profit graph.

Is Idle Gold safe to install?

We verify all packages released above to make sure that our mining software matches the versions used by tens of thousands of cryptocurrency hobbyists and professionals worldwide.

Our miner application only connects to Idle Gold servers and does not access outside servers. The software is safe, in a sense that in the remote event that our servers become compromised, attackers would not have the capability to control your computer or access your files.

My anti-virus program flags Idle Gold as suspicious!

Because many actual viruses include mining programs to mine cryptocurrencies against the user’s will, many anti-virus programs simply flag all mining software, regardless if they are used for legitimate purposes and intended by the user.

If your anti-virus program flags Idle Gold as a “Miner”, “CoinMiner”, or “Gen/Generic” and blocks it from running, you can add the installation folder C:\Program Files\Idle.Gold as an exception/exclusion in your anti-virus’ UI dashboard.

I've mined before and don't need the Idle Gold app. Just give me the pool info.

Generate a private ID and public ID from /keys. Save both keys or you will lose your gold. Use your favorite ethash miner to connect to our pool. In the following examples, replace PUBLIC_ID with your public ID:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool eth.idle.gold:4444 -wal PUBLIC_ID -proto 3 -cdm 0
ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://PUBLIC_ID@eth.idle.gold:4444
miner.exe --algo ethash --server eth.idle.gold --user PUBLIC_ID
t-rex.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth.idle.gold:4444 -u PUBLIC_ID

If port 4444 is blocked on your network, you can use the alternate port 43594.

Idle Gold API (https://api.idle.gold):

  • GET /users/PUBLIC_ID/balance
  • GET /users/PUBLIC_ID/history

Request a payout by replacing the following URL with your public/private IDs, balance, and OSRS name, and opening it in your browser.


Note: This information may change when a new app version is released. Follow our Twitter for updates.

How do I get my gold payout?

After requesting a payout in the Idle Gold miner application, a customer support chat launches in your web browser to arrange an OSRS trade location, world, and time.

Payouts are delivered within 48 hours, but depending on our queue size, most are fulfilled in only a few minutes.

Your balance is not deducted until your payout is confirmed.

Can I run Idle Gold while playing Old School RS (or other video games)?

Because mining uses your GPU’s full power, you may experience framerate drops, short pauses, or long loading times when simultaneously mining and playing most video games. You can configure Idle Gold to pause mining while your computer is in use and continue when it is idle for a few minutes.

Fortunately, because Old School RS uses your CPU instead of GPU for graphics, you will likely have no loss of performance while mining in the background. You can mine gold in-game and with Idle Gold at the same time!

If you use RuneLite, disabling the GPU plugin might improve performance.

How can I maximize profits with Idle Gold?

While Idle Gold’s hourly gold rates might not be competitive compared to top money-making techniques like bossing, its strength is in slow-but-steady 24-hour mining. Your computer can work while you sleep, giving you an extra income source for leveling expensive skills or enjoying faster training methods. Gradual mining for weeks while your computer is idle will be more effective than “burst-mining” for a few hours and giving up.

Expert users may choose to tune the performance of their GPUs (i.e. underclock GPU, overclock VRAM, undervolt or power limit, adjusting target temperatures and fan speeds, etc). Discuss best tuning parameters for your GPU in the official Idle Gold communities.

Can I get my payout in RS3 gold or another video game currency?

As our service expands, we may add support for other online video game currencies such as RS3, WoW, PoE, etc. Stay up to date with Idle Gold news by following our Twitter or Discord.